Thursday, July 5, 2012

Success and Disappointment

Hey Everyone,
       This week was an emotional roller coaster, full of disappointments and successes. The week didn't start off well at all. This Tuesday, we went to go visit Freddy and we found him in a ferocious argument with his girlfriend Maritza. She was angry because he was drinking again and that he wasn't changing. It's really hard with him because he is super uber prideful and he doesn't understand the meaning of a change of heart. We were there trying to settle down the situation, but nothing seemed to work, as Freddy could not admit that he was at fault on anything. I was the hardest thing in my life that I've had witness. I broke into tears just watching what took place. Eventually Maritza stormed off and left us with no clue what to do, fortunately our Ward Mission Leader, Hermano Romero, (basically the most amazing man I've ever met) came by and tried to get things settled with Freddy, it didn't really work, but we just walked out and waited in the street to see if Maritza was coming back. While we were waiting we saw a girl on the street struggling to get her groceries out of the car. We ran over to help, brought everything to her apartment and were able to set an appointment to teach a lesson. This girl, Damaris is amazing, the best way I can describe her is that she's been prepared to accept the gospel. We actually had a lesson yesterday where we set a baptismal date with her! It's crazy how God bless us in the weirdest of circumstances. Anyway back to the crazy day. We walked back from Damaris's house after dropping off the food and Maritza was walking down the street. We got her to come back and work things out with Freddy. I don't know how we did it, but they were able to work things out. Miracle! But not really, Freddy is still being really stubborn and prideful, even after talking with Hermano Romero, even after having a lesson about humility, and even after talking with the bishop. He won't stop drinking! It's going take a lot of prayers and love for him to turn around. But we've found some wonderful new investigators this week so we aren't getting down on ourselves. Lastly, yesterday we got to go to a missionary farewell event. It's something awesome that the mission does where all the missionaries who are leaving this week get to share there testimonies in front of their former investigators and missionaries. The only way that us other missionaries can attend the event is if we find a ride with one of our investigators to take us, so we had some member take us and Freddy and Maritza. Its super special and its super cool see all the missionaries in one room again. I got to see my trainer Elder Ditton again. It is such a great, tight knit and organized mission here and President Baker is the best.
The gospel is a message of love, so we must love first before we can share doctrine. The best way to teach is to serve. I know that for myself. Christ is the greatest example of love and service, let us follow him!

Os amo tanto!

Elder Marrott.