Monday, May 14, 2012

Week 13!

Hey Everyone!

I was great talking to the fam on Sunday and hearing from everyone. Hopefully everyone was able to ask everything that you wanted to say. I didn't get an update on Missy and Ryan, so I would love to hear how they are all doing. Also I forgot to ask you something too. On my first night here, we had an appointment at a less actives house and as we were leaving, I dropped my Spanish bible in the mud..........yeah, so I was wondering if you can order another one, and send it out to me. I can still read from it, but it doesn't look very good at all. I don't really care what it looks like as long as it’s in good condition. I'm looking forward to receiving the flash drive of pictures and the stories as well. Yesterday, I think I exaggerated a little too much on how many lessons we are teaching, on average we teaching at least 10 to 12 lessons a week, but the highest amount that we had in one week was around 17. We are aiming to have a lot more lessons than that too. Well, we are coming up on the last week of this transfer, and we are hoping to make some more progress on the investigators that we found this week. There's one guy Enrique that we are really excited about and we can already see that he's making the changes necessary to live the gospel. He absolutely loves the Book of Mormon. He told us last time that some of his close friends tried to convince him that all those Mormons are phonies and turn him off from the Book of Mormon, but he's told everyone he knows that he feels really good about it. We're looking forward to getting him committed to coming to church and preparing himself to be baptized. We going to do our best to make this week count as it might be Elder Ditton's last week here in Lawndale (I hope not). I can honestly say that everything that happens here on my mission is for a reason. Sometimes I might not understand why, but it's for a wise purpose that only God knows at this time (Alma 37). In D&C 3, It says how the work of God continues to move forward, and it’s the work of man that can only be frustrated. I can say that as long as we are obedient to the commandments that God has sent and strive diligently to do the right, in the end, we shall see the fruits of our labors and find everlasting peace and happiness in this life and the next. Pray often with a sincere heart and real intent, and then shall God reveal unto you the things that we should do.

Os amo tanto!

Elder Marrott

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Yay, Baptisms!

Hey Everyone,

It's been another great week here in LA. The weather has been great, had some great lessons, and we are going to have a baptism! Her name is Violeta and she has been waiting several years to get baptized. I will have to tell you her story when I call on Sunday. We also had a great lesson with a referral we got too. It's a crazy story, but I eventually invited someone to be baptized and he accepted. I tell what happened on Sunday too. That's basically the main proselyting highlights of this week. I bore my testimony yesterday as well. I'll fill you up on anything you want to know on Sunday as I don't have much time. I will call you around 5:00 pm central time (your time). It will be three o'clock here. I can't be more than an hour because we are having a baptism at 4. Get your questions ready! I will not be skyping, not allowed in my mission. It sounds like everything is going well. I will hear from you on Sunday.

Os amo tanto
 Elder Marrott

Tuesday, May 1, 2012