Friday, February 8, 2013

Influx of Missionaries and Senorita Merida

Hey Everyone!
        I hope you've all had a great week! Sorry I didn't email yesterday, there's been some changes in the transfer system in the mission. Because of the influx of new missionaries, the Mondays before transfers become normal work days and we receive the transfer call that evening. Elder Low and I will staying together for another transfer. Then the Tuesdays before transfers will be p days, so that is why I'm emailing today. The mission is starting to figure out how to do things more smoothly so things are starting to get less hectic. I'm excited to work with Elder Low more because we have a lot of good things coming our way. But I really loved last week because we were able to go sightseeing again but this time in Palos Verdes. I swear its paradise over there with beautiful views, mansions, and the weather was absolutely perfect! I sent some pictures home. There's one view that I was able to view the whole city of LA. It was funny to look over the past area I've served in. It was a start to a great week. Later that night we held a Family Home Evening with Cynthia and her family. She has 5 young daughter so we had to make it interesting. We ended out singing some primary songs like Snowman and it got everyone excited. We played a fun game called the Spirit game where someone hides a piece of candy in the room and some has to look for it blindfolded. Everyone in the room yells at them to tell them where to go but most are telling in the wrong direction. There's only one person who actually tells them the right place to go. Sometimes the people know who it is and sometimes they don't. But it really helped Cynthia help her family learn how to listen to God telling them the right things to do. They are an awesome family, but unfortunately they couldn't come to church because their whole family is down with the flu. I hope you can send out a prayer for them. Then on Wednesday we got a surprise breakfast given to us from a referral we received. Her name is Senorita Merida and she's from Mexico, but she learned about the missionaries by watching the PBS documentary about Mormons. She said she cried when it told about the missionaries that serve and she's wanted to find some of us so she could feed us. She cooked us some mean pancakes and sausage. I was to die for. Apparently she's an seventh day Adventist, but has admired the work that we do. She's quite the knowledgeable lady with a wonderful family. She was a teacher in Mexico and she's quite the reader especially about European history. She chewed our ears of about the Vatican and the Spanish Inquisition, it was quite entertaining. I'm not sure how receptive she would be to us teaching her, but she's quite the opinionated woman. We hope to stop by again soon. But missionary work is going great with investigators coming to church. Things seem to be running smoothly. I'm loving it. I love my Ward Mission Leader because of how missionary oriented he is. He's given us a referral every time we come over. Unfortunately he's not been feeling well and work is super stressful. Send a prayer out to him as well. Well until next week!

Os amo tanto!

Elder Marrott

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