Monday, April 30, 2012

All Is Going Quite Well, Quite Well Indeed!

Hey Everyone,

         It's been another great week here in Los Angeles. The weather has been great ever since I've gotten here. It has rained a couple times but other than that it's been great. I'm getting along great with my companion Elder Ditton. He's quite a stud missionary who has a lot of common sense. His Spanish is great and he has such a great relationship with all the members here. He's musically gifted as he sings and plays the guitar really well. Every P-day, we've gone down to a guitar center in front of our apartment, so he can play. It's fun to hear and I've tried playing but it's not like playing the violin. He's also quite a big fan of Spongebob, and we entertain ourselves by trying to remember episodes we've seen before. I've come to appreciate that show a little more than I did before. On Thursday, We had zone conference, and the whole meeting was dedicated to how we can use the role of members in our mission efforts. In our mission, the average baptisms that each companion will get through our own efforts is 1 out 25 investigators. However 1 out of 6 referrals we receive from members will be baptized. The difference is significant. Elder Ditton was able to give a talk this Sunday about this subject to express to the members in the Hermosa Liahona Ward that we need their help in finding. We've also seen success come from teaching with members as well. Elder Ditton and I have been finding a lot of new people to teach and finally I think some of them are starting to stick to listening to the lessons. The lessons are going well because we have a member present there with us. We had a lesson on Friday with Ana, and we had Hermano Salazar come with us. We taught her the first lesson and shared our testimonies about the Restoration. Something that Hermano Salazar said really touch her and the Spirit had a really strong presence in the lesson. We going to see a lot of progress in our investigators through the help of members in our ward. With Spanish, I'm understanding more every day, but continue praying that I can just open my mouth more. My companion says I'm doing great, but there's plenty of room for improvement. Anyway I'm loving my area here in Lawndale, and I have meet the greatest people.
           It's good to hear Mitt and My Cards are doing well. I'm "sorry" Albert and his new team aren't, but could care less.

It's good to hear that Leo is still an idiot. I was getting concerned that the lack of my presence would increase his sanity. The animals here are crazy. Pitbulls and Chihuahuas everywhere. Anyway, I'm glad you all got to go to Kansas City and enjoy your time at the new temple. I hope Aubrie's appointment goes well tomorrow, so she can have the blessings of serving a mission soon.

Thanks for the card, and your prayers. Tell Phil to write me back before he head's out to the MTC. Give him the names of Brother Rasmuessen, Brother Bulloch, and Brother Gillon. They were my teachers, and he might have them while he's there.

Well until next week 

Os Amo tanto!

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