Monday, August 27, 2012


Hey Everyone,

         I hope you all had a fun Fourth of July. I got to celebrate my holiday by being TRANSFERRED!!!! Yes say goodbye to Lawndale, to Hermosa Liahona Ward and the beach, and Hello to Silverlake and Los Angeles 4th Ward and to Downtown LA/HOLLYWOOD. I was so hard to say goodbye to all the fantastic people, members and especially my investigators other in my area. I was so excited to make a lot of progress in my other area this transfer, but it looks like God has some work here for me to do. Silverlake is a lot different than it was in Lawndale. I am basically living in the Ghetto of HOLLYWOOD at the north-eastern boarder of the mission. The area reminds me of a old rundown San Francisco the streets are very hilly and they have some very cool views of the city. From the chapel that I attend, we can see the Hollywood sign and the Griffith Observatory pretty vividly, and Dodgers Stadium is just a 1/4 mile outside my area......and my mission...I'm a little disappointed about that. I'm looking forward to take pictures here because there are a lot cool, weird, and interesting sights. My new companion's name is Elder Blackham and the first thing that I noticed is that he is 6'7 ft. tall. Yep. He's also from Orem and attended Orem High, my dad's alma mater. He's really awesome and he's excited to work the area as he's not too familiar with either, so it's going to give us a chance to really learn how to work an area. We've already found some really good potential investigators and we hope that we can make some progress with them with the time we have here. This week I've really learned that God truly works in mysterious ways. I could have easily been distraught and bummed about leaving my last area, but I know that God has a reason for having me here in Silverlake, and I can already see why already. Wish me luck this week and I hope that we can find more people here who accept the gospel.

Os Amo Tanto!

Elder Marrott

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