Monday, January 14, 2013

Great Success in the New Area

Hey Everyone,

          This week........Wow! Let's just say its been an answer to my prayers. Last Monday I was emergency transferred from Crenshaw to North Lomita in Peninsula Zone serving in the Habor 3rd Ward, the only Spanish ward in the California Torrance Stake. My area is one the biggest Spanish proselyting areas in the mission as it covers parts of counties Torrance, Carson, Lomita, Willmington, Redondo Beach, and Harbor City! It's huge and super beautiful. All the houses and streets are insanely nice especially compared to my last area in Crenshaw. The reason I was transferred was an elder serving here, Elder Harper was sent home because of his health. Elder Harper has served before in most of my past areas and he's very well known and loved. Unfortunately he's had a condition that prevents him from sleeping, so he went back home. He basically finished his mission as he had only 2 months more. Our prayers go out to him. My new companion is Elder Low and he's super cool He's from Tennessee. Funny story, on our night drive home from switching companions at the mission home, we were talking and we found out that we lived in the same apartment building out at BYU. He lived on the bottom floor to the left and I was in the 2nd floor on the right. We attend the same ward and we know the same people! SUPER WEIRD!! Our first night was just talking about memories from school, so we are getting along really well. He also ran XC in high school as well. I actually when I was on the XC squad, my team traveled to a meet in Tennessee in the same place where the XC state meet takes place. Super cool connections! The first morning together was the New Year and the mission held a mission conference to present the mission goals for the year of 2013. Apparently there will be a lot of changes in the mission to accommodate the influx of 18 year old missionaries that will be coming in. The next transfer will be different as it will be reduce to a 5 week transfer, so this means all the missionaries and me in the field now will be leaving a week earlier. (Instead of Feb 12 2014, I will come home Feb 5 2014....oh well) Also in March there will be 35 new missionaries coming in March. That’s 3x the average that usually comes in. and there will be more coming in after that. Craziness! There's a lot to look forward to this coming year. After President announced all the changes, we held a testimony meeting. I bore my testimony about how President was inspired to make the change I was involved in and how the Book of Mormon truly is a source of comfort to those in need of consolation. After that Elder Low and I went off to work our area. Man, the people here in this area are insanely awesome and all of the investigators and member here super cool. It's also been so special this week because the first member family that I first met in the field now live my area, the familia sanchez! I spent many nights over at their house, I celebrated my birthday with them, and my first Saturday in the mission was one of their little daughter’s baptisms. They were a less active family before I came but they became super active when i came in. Now the daughters and Hermana Sanchez are active but Hermano is working Sundays and is apparently drinking again. There's a reason I'm here! Anyway here's a quick summary of my investigators.
Alicia: has a testimony and knows the church is true but won't commit to a date. Will be baptized soon.
Cynthia: has 5 little girls all under the age of 12 and a little boy on the way. Super busy but loves the missionaries. Isn't married but has the marriage license for this month
Nicole: Cynthia’s sister, isn't married either but doesn't want to get the marriage license because she lost her ID and is afraid to go to the DMV to get a new one because she has a warrant
Jose Morales: referral from English missionaries, 73 years old, has traveled the world, has been married 4 times and is now married to a 30 year old lady from the Philippines. Has a 12 year old son, who was just baptized. Before his son was born doctors thought that he wasn't going to live, but Jose prayed to God that if he would save his son he would give up his son to live dedicated to serve God like the stories in the bible. They found the church and the son attends the Samoan ward and is a deacon, and Jose plans for him to serve a mission like us. He's super excited to learn from the book of Mormon and support his son. Also, he has one leg. I have to say he's the most interesting man I've ever ever ever met!
So much more to say but so little time. I'll let you all more next time. This week has been a testimony to me that God answers prayers and he loves me. Take Care!

Os amo tanto!

Elder Marrott       

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