Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Emergency Transfer!

Hey Everyone,
         Today's been a great week with Christmas and Teaching and Church and everything. I spent Christmas visiting members, calling home and a big group of us missionaries went to a Nursing Home and went caroling. There was one feisty lady who offered all the elders if they would like to "make some [interestingly inappropriate term omitted]" with her (whatever that means :) ) It's been super fun, the best time in my life. But you know the phrase "It’s all fun and games until you get sick ( I started to get the flu and lost my voice the day after Christmas, but I'm fine now).......AND ........transfers...... My whole world has been turned upside down this morning. President Baker called me this morning and told me that I was being emergency transferred........................tonight.................I've never felt so disappointed..........What's happening is I'm being moved to an Area called North Lomita near the city of Torrance (close to the area where I started my mission) serving in a small Spanish branch. I will be made senior companion over Elder Low who has about 3 or 4 transfers in the mission. My companion is combining into a trio with other elders in our district so they will be working two areas. It's put such a big damper on my life. Everything was going well. We were teaching well, finding a lot more people to teach and now it feels like it’s all gone (at least to me).........I'm sorry that I sound sad, but I would be lying if I didn't say so. It's hard to write about all the things that happened this week because I know I probably won't see those people again. This Sunday I got to confirm Federico a member of the church and he also gave a talk at church. I've never seen a more spiritual man than him. I felt so strange leaving all the people I've met....But I trust that it’s where the Lord needs me now. I have no clue why it’s all going down, but I find out soon enough. I'm starting the New Year out with a bang!  The only thing that's keeping me going is Proverbs...Trust in the Lord with all thy heart.....and Lean not to thy own understanding. It wouldn't be right to blame anyone for what's happening but I really am hoping for the best. I usually don't ask this but keep me and the mission in your prayers. We all need to stay strong. Don't worry, I'll be happy because I know I'm serving the Lord. Good Bye Jungle I will miss you!

Love you all

Elder Marrott

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