Sunday, December 30, 2012

Frederico's Baptism!

Hey Everyone and Merry Christmas!
      It's been a fantastic week in Crenshaw! Transfers came and both Elder Reeves and I stayed together so things will be staying pretty much the same. But this week we've been able to see the fruits of our last transfer. After waiting for a month, Federico finally was able to be baptized yesterday. We were a little anxious for him this last week not knowing if he was going to bail out again, but he felt good after his baptismal interview on Wednesday. Come Saturday we went over to his apartment to remind him about bringing extra changes of clothes and towel, He said he was still hesitant, but would still prepare himself to do it. I wasn't sure that he would truly commit until we were at church in Gospel Principles class. The topic was on Exaltation which is quite a strong doctrine to understand, but in class he commented on that if we are true to live the gospel of Christ, we will one day stand side by side with God in glory. I was super glad for him. Also for the first time since I've been here we had another investigator at church Andrea. She was a little sick and could only stay for the first couple classes, she felt a little bored in the class and confused about the lesson, but she has trust in what we teach her so it should be fine as we explain more with her. We will be going over to her house tonight to eat tamales and Mexican food! I'm excited! Anyway back to the baptism, the service was super great as our ward mission leader and Federico's apartment manager Hermano Pioquinto performed the baptism. I was such a relief to see him in the water smiling afterwards, because I knew he felt like the right thing to do. During the baptism, a member of the stake presidency came to the baptism, but he didn't understand Spanish so I translated for him. I've never had to translate before and it’s super hard to listen, think and talk at the same time. I'm not used to all that multitasking. :) Anyway, Federico bore his testimony afterwards and I translated for him. I learned a lot about how the spirit works at that moment. I swear that it was one of the most powerful testimonies I've heard in my life. He's a very intellectual guy, and has had a hard him understanding faith, but as he bore testimony of Christ and how to endure to the end, I could help to notice the change he's made in his life. It was strange to translate for him and also notice that the same words I was translating spoke to the President as well, but it was more of a feeling confirming his words not mine. So that was the highlight of my week! Today the whole mission came up to the mission office to have a Christmas Musical Devotional. Next year I hope I can participate because in was super beautiful! President Baker gave an awesome testimony about the spirit of Christmas and it inspired me to continue sharing the spirit of Christ the next coming year. The Mission Is GREAT! I hope you all can learn how to give and receive gifts this Christmas and share the love of the season with everyone!

Os amo tanto y Feliz Navidad!!!

Elder Marrott   

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