Sunday, December 30, 2012

Meeting many people tracting and setting dates

Hey Everyone!

       I hope you all are enjoying the start of the Christmas Season. It's a little different from what I'm used to in Los Angeles as it’s not as cold, but as of late it’s been raining quite a bit here. Something cool that the Los Angeles Temple Visitors Center does here throughout the whole month of December is they hold a little Christmas concert every night. As missionaries, we've been inviting all the members and investigators to go up one night to feel the spirit of Christmas Season, and to see the lights set up around the Temple. I personally haven't seen it lit up yet, but we are making plans with our investigator Fredrico this weekend to see them. Elder Reeves are I getting into the Christmas mood with music, eggnog and all kinds of good stuff. Anyway, this week was up and down but it could be worse. Elder Reeves and I tried out an idea I had this week to carry around a bag a candies where each one has a Book of Mormon scripture on it. It made it a lot easier to talk to people on the street, but no immediate results came from it. But we did run into a woman running backwards in the park, so we talked to her, not interested though. We did meet a guy named Dywane trying to contact a former, and he told us how he did military training in Springfield Missouri, but didn't like it because everyone is racist against black people. Then he told us the story of how his house burned down when his Air conditioner blew up. The insurance company and government paid for the reconstruction He gave us a tour of his house, and it’s the nicest house I've been in beside the mission home in the mission. He's also unemployed but the government is paying for him too; mortgage and everything. Now I'm starting to understand why California's in debt! But the best part of this week was that we were assigned a mini missionary from the Hermosa Liahona ward. Where I was born in the mission!! His name is Jesus Martinez Morgan (19 years old), and he was taught before by Elder Reeves when he was in his area. He was baptized 2 months ago, and he's a fun guy. I got to go back to the Stake Center in Torrance, where I ran into Kevin Godinez and Violeta his Mom who got baptized my second transfer in the mission. They are my favorite family in the mission and my last companion in that area (Centinela), Elder Cressman, is still there. I miss my birthplace! Anyway, we had fun with Jesus. We found a guy in his house blasting music from his apartment, and he said he was baptized in Utah, but he's a major alcoholic. Then he when off to tell the story on how his friend ran through his front door window. Super Funny! Later we taught a lesson to a woman named to Yolanda who's from El Salvador but her husband is the biggest African American I've ever met! They got married 15 years ago, and she spoke no English at all. She was super hard to teach as she kept changing the subject speaking nonsense. Before the lesson we planned to have Jesus extend the baptismal invitation, but he got nervous and she misunderstood, but I don't think she was able to understand the lesson because she didn't try to listen at all. She made us some really good carrot cake though. Lastly, some other Elders in our area had a baptism and they invited us to give a missionary message to invite the people in attendance to have their friends listen to the missionaries. Jesus gave a great testimony of his conversion story and his love for the Book of Mormon. It was great to serve with him. We hope this week that our investigator, Fredrico, will accept another baptismal date this month and he will feel the urgency and desire to be baptized! Anyway I hope you all enjoy the Christmas season, and find a way to give a little more of your heart to some in need

Os amo tanto!!!!

Elder Marrott   

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