Sunday, December 30, 2012

Investigating Families

Hey Everyone!
       I hope everyone is enjoying the great winter because I'm not. Well it’s been raining quite a bit, and a little chilly but nothing I can't handle. Anyway it’s been quite an eventful last week of the transfer as we are starting to see more potential coming out from our area. The beginning of this week, Elder Reeves and I found a woman Ana who's from an indigenous pueblo in Mexico and likes to make adobe pots. I hope to teach her this coming week. We also found a family who had a lot questions on how the church views the Karan and the use of make-up. They seem fairly interested what we have to say especially after Elder Reeves bore to them a strong testimony about receiving answers to prayers. We also ran into a less active while trying to contact another less active. His name is Christian Ruiz and he was baptized 3 or 4 years ago near San Francisco. He moved down to Los Angeles and never got back to church, he thought our visit was inspired to get him back to church. He loves the missionaries as they helped him out in the past to stop using cocaine and to get back with his family. None of his family are members, so there's a lot of potential to get them all to investigate the church. Also this week we had the opportunity to go up to the Visitors Center twice this week with some of our investigators to see the Christmas lights. One of them was Cynthia. We've been working with her quite a bit. She lives with the Diaz Family who Joel, one of their sons (non-member) is her boyfriend. She has 2 crazy little kids who like to cause a ruckus everywhere they go. Cynthia has a strong desire to be baptized, but because she's not married to her boyfriend, who doesn't want to be married, it is kind of hard to do that. All of her family and his family want them to be married, but he lacks commitment. She's kind of hopeless about it all, but we are going to try to help keep their hopes up and promise her blessings for her determination to follow Christ. We all will be praying for her. But we all had fun up at the VC and I got to take some fun photos! We also went up yesterday with Fredrico who's going to be baptized (hopefully) this coming Sunday. He got to talking with some sister missionaries that helped reassure us that he has a testimony in all the things we've taught him. He's got good friendship with our ward mission leader Hermano Pioquinto because he is his apartment manager what luck! Well transfers is tomorrow, so we will see what happens. One of my favorite missionaries Elder Shumway is going home tomorrow. He was one of my best friends in the mission since the beginning! Time is going by so fast. I finally got through reading the Book of Mormon since I start the mission. I know I read really slowly, but I've come to love and understand it so much better than I have before. I've decided that Jacob is my favorite book and it is jam-packed full of great scripture and it powerfully expresses the desire for everyone to accept the simplicity of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Chapters 4 5 and 6 are my favorite. I love in Jacob 6 when it say "O be wise; what more can I say? If we truly are wise, we would all accept the gospel of Jesus Christ. For that is how we will achieve the greatest happiness and joy in this life and the next! I wish you all a marvelous holiday season, and do you best to remember the importance of Christ's birth!

Os amo tanto!

Elder Marrott        

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