Sunday, December 30, 2012

More cool people taught and remember to be a "Member Missionary"

Hey Everybody,

Sorry that I didn't write on Monday, its temple day today so we are doing all our preparation day stuff like email. We came super early at 5 am for the temple session and it was still dark and they had the Christmas lights on. They are super cool and fun, I will be going up to the temple Christmas activity this Sunday, so hopefully I will have some pictures for you all soon. This week was little frustrating and slow mainly because of health and car problems. On Friday Elder Reeves got sick with the flu, so we had to turn in early a couple days to he could heal up, but he's doing ok now. Also we've had car problems all week and yesterday we spent the whole day at the shop so they could replace the battery. No fun at all. HOWEVER, the best part of this week is that we were able to recommit Fredrico to a baptismal date for the 23rd of December. We taught him a lesson about the Gifts of the Spirit that we can receive once we are baptized (look to Moroni 10) He really came to understand the blessing that the Gift of the Holy Ghost is going to help him to his conversion process and He no longer needs to wait to receive the ordinance of  baptism. We are looking forward to that. This week as well was the Christmas Party at the church where the English ward (Adams ward) Combined with our Spanish ward for a dinner on Saturday. There was a lot of people there, unfortunately not of our investigators could come. There was a lot of Food of every kind. Ham, Turkey, Tamales, Enchiladas, you name it was there. And of course Santa came so it could get better than that. Apparently the biggest news is going around here is the death of a popular Latin singer Jennie Rivera. She died in a plane crash in Mexico, and every Latino person we talk to is super upset. It's like Michael Jackson just died again. I had no clue who she was but now I know. One cool story that I heard this week was from a recent convert in our area named Jose Campos. He’s a super nice guy and he works in LA as one of those Brinks truck drivers that drives money to banks and business, etc... He told us stories about how people tried to mug him. One time he was standing in front of a bank when a guy ran at him with a sword. The guy tried to stab him but missed, then Jose punched the lights out of the guy, and he's a pretty big man! I thought that was really funny. We also heard something really interesting on Sunday in a meeting we had with the Stake High Counselor over Missionary Work. He heard with all the missionaries coming in soon that the quantity of all the missionaries will make about 50 more missions! But because that's not possible, every mission will be growing super-fast and more missionaries will be added to every mission. This probably means many areas that missionaries cover will be divided in half. That also means that amount of people that missionaries will teach will cut in half too. That's the super sad thing. Many new missionaries come into the mission with hopes to teach like crazy, but it will be sad if they come in and have no one to teach. So what the church is demanding of every member is to provide even more referrals for the missionaries to teach. We are dependent now on member more than ever! Invite your friends to listen to the missionaries!!! Remember in D&C 50 and our role to preach the gospel with the spirit. We can teach the gospel more effectively and spiritually when they have a friend in the gospel to help them. Keep on keeping on!

Os amo tanto

Elder Marrott

P.S. I heard through the grapevine that missionaries are now being admitted into CHINA for three year missions!!!!! The work of God continues!!!

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