Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Amazing Temple Trip

Hey Everyone,
        Sorry that I didn't write this Monday. This week they moved P Day to Wednesday so that we could go to the Temple this Morning. The LA temple is absolutely beautiful! It's just so huge and magnificent in every way. I was just in awe walking into every room. It's definitely one of my favorite place's now. Anyway this week has been so eventful, with the highlight of my week being my birthday. It was by far the most rewarding and memorable birthday I had in a long time. It started with having 3 investigators coming to church this Sunday. It was especially awesome to see Freddy come as he has had some struggles with living the word of wisdom. But we had an extremely spiritual lesson with him and his girlfriend as we committed to set a goals and make plans to abstain from drinking. Since then, he's only wanted to do what's right for him and Maritza. He actually showed up to church 1 hour before the service started, and we didn't have to go with them. After church, We went to visit two of my favorite families, one is Griselda and her kids Connie, Manuel, Daisy, and Little Joey. They surprised me with a bucket of sour gummy worms, a seviche lunch and tres leches cake AAAAAAAAAAAHHH so GOOD! It was so much fun. I recorded a video of them singing happy birthday to me, hopefully I can send it over some day. We also had Dinner with the Sanchez family with their three little girls who are totally obsessed with us. We had even more cake and took a lot of funny photos as well. Man, I've gotten so close with all the members here already, and when I blew out my candles (twice) I wished that I could spend 6 more months in this area. The teaching is going a lot better as we've made more goals and plans to have every time we teach. The investigators that we are working with now are progressing exceedingly Our finding opportunities are skyrocketing as we are working with the referrals we've received. We determined that the only way that we can maintain efficient contact with our investigators is through using members. We've been setting Family Mission Plans with many of the members in our ward and they are really opening up to going to lessons with us and finding ways to do the work. Members are awesome in having us come over all the time for dinner and we always are sharing messages with them. I just love it here. The weather has been perfect and its been a while since its rained. It just amazes me how it is just perfect weather everyday. True and lasting happiness only comes from living the gospel, especially as we help others live it as well. I know service is the best way to show your love to the lord and your fellow man (Mosiah 2:17) Always remember that God has a plan for you and you are never forgotten. Make sure that your friends and neighbors know this as well.

Os amo tanto!

Elder Marrott

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