Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Zone Conference

Hey Everyone,

     Since Wednesday, its felt like a whole week already filled with all sorts of craziness. Right after I sent the last email, My companion, 2 of the ASL missionaries Elder Alsop and Elder Neilson, and I went to sight-seeing at the Griffith Observatory right up near Beverly Hills and the Hollywood Sign. The trip up there was quite the eye opener, seeing all the fancy million dollar houses and driving down Santa Monica Boulevard. The street was packed with every type of store you can think of. It's an experience that you have to see first hand to describe. Let's just say it was very.....flamboyant....yeah. Anyway. We enjoyed looking out over the city and get a closer look to the Hollywood sign as well. It was also funny as the ASL Elders ran into a  young Jehovah Witness couple who knew ASL as well. It was the nicest conversation I've ever seen between LDS missionaries and JWs, mainly because they were saying a single word. It could have been an argument all that I know...haha.
        Then this Friday.....We had Mission Zone Conference in the Inglewood stake center where Elder Paul V Johnson from the Seventy came to visit. Every single talk that was given was amazing! Sister Baker spoke on the Atonement (the best one I've heard since Elder Holland), President Baker spoke on the Holy Ghost and how missionaries can able to be able to be worthy and attentive to use it in every aspect in missionary work. Lastly Elder Johnson spoke on how we can learn and teach spiritual knowledge. He earned his doctorate in learning development, so he spoke to us on how learning different types of knowledge requires different types of methods. For example, Learning Facts = Memorization, Learning Skills = Practice and Evaluation. Learning spiritual knowledge requires EXPERIENCE. We cannot receive a testimony of any principle of the gospel unless we take action, such prayer, reading, service, etc. It's just an amazing perspective. And While he was speaking, He stopped so he could do a role play practice with a set of missionaries so he could practice the concept of teaching investigators "spiritually" He had a sister pick a random number, which was 77, and he counted 7 benches and then counted 7 missionaries over. Guess who he pointed to? No it wasn't me but yes it was my companion, so in the end yes he pick us. Oh Goodie. We taught Elder Johnson and his wife as investigators who had received the first lesson on the restoration, and we were going to follow up on their commitments if they read and prayed about the Book of Mormon. In this case, they did not read or pray, but they wanted to hear the next lesson. As missionaries, this isn't good, as if we are just teaching them the lessons and not having them keeping their commitments, they are not learning by the spirit, the are just learning facts about the church. The role play was really fun, and went really well. I didn't really realize that I was teaching a General Authority until I sat down back in my chair. I was extremely lucky to have that experience and It's really re-enforced my desire to teach by the spirit.
     Lastly his Saturday, we were able to bring one of our investigators to the Visitors Center. I would tell more, but I have no time. It was a testimony builder and I was great to see how all the exhibits really helped Freddy in understanding the gospel more.
     I hope everyone can try to see to find spiritual knowledge everyday through reading and praying. As it says in 2 Nephi 32:3, the words of Christ will tell you all things what ye should do. But in verse 5 it also says the Holy Ghost will show unto you all things what ye should do. What a promise.

Os amo tanto!

Elder Marrott

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