Monday, June 4, 2012

Poor Elder Marrott Got Sick, but He's Better Now!

Hey Everyone,
        This has been a very interesting week full of unexpected twist and turns, but in the end has been very rewarding. Well, from the second that I send my last e-mail, I started feeling queasy as we were leaving the library. Because the bathroom was occupied, I ended up throwing up my breakfast in the parking lot. Thinking that it was just a spontaneous reaction, Elder Ditton and I went to visit around Redondo Beach, but not on the beach however (really pretty area). By the time we headed back to the apartment and got all our errands done, my insides just imploded and became really sick.  The Zone Leaders and my companion gave me a blessing around Monday afternoon, and I was in bed the rest of the day. From 1:00 pm Monday to Tuesday Morning, I was basically throwing up every 15 minutes. I did my best to stay hydrated with water, but nothing stayed down. Tuesday Morning, My companion had Missionary Leadership Training, and I just went along with him, so I could just sleep in the foyer. It was quite the scene having President Baker come up to me wearing my pjs. He understood, and I was completely feeling better by Wednesday. Some other notable moments included a 2 hour lesson on the Plan of Salvation with two of our new investigators Patricia and her 15 year old son William. They are from Colombia and I loved having us over the first time when we tracked their apartment last week. They had some legitimate questions about Adam and Eve that we answered pretty well and the committed to coming to church. It took some work to get them there but they were able to see half of sacrament meeting and last 2 hours as well. They really enjoyed it and will see them again on Friday.

It's great to hear that Aubrie is a missionary again! She will be so blessed for her efforts to get back into the field! Make sure to send me her emails over to me, and her address as well.

The Mission is hard, but very rewarding in the end. God's work cannot be stopped (D&C 3). If you get the chance to read Alma 48? about Moroni and the Title of Liberty, it has truly opened my eyes to how we need to stand up for what we believe in, especially in days like today.
Os amo tanto!
Elder Marrott   

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