Monday, June 18, 2012

Week 17, in Sum

Hey Everyone,

       I don't have much time, so I'll give a quick summary. This week again started off really tough, but the rewards always come at the end. Elder Cressman and I are getting along together great, but it has been hard to adapt to each other’s ways of teaching. My teaching really focuses on sharing doctrine, and Elder Cressman tries to teach according to what the investigators want to hear. We had a couple shaky lessons, but now we understand how each work and I going to get a lot better. Also, one of our investigator families that week found last transfer dropped us last week. Patricia decided to go with her friend to her church last Sunday and she felt more comfortable there. I we've regretted not getting members more active in our teaching with them, but we feel there's a chance that she might come back. We have hope! But this weekend was fantastic! We went to Violeta's and Sergio's wedding on Sunday as Bishop Vargas performed the ceremony in their backyard. It was beautiful! Then on it was the most stressful Sunday of my life as we were planning for Violeta's baptism. Making programs and following up with speakers and other people participating, while we were coordinating rides for investigators to get to church. I also had the privilege to ordain Violeta's son Kevin to the office of a priest as he was going to baptize his Mom later that night. Wow! I was mentally and spiritually drained by 12:00, but the baptism still had happened yet. But in the end it was great. I got to see Elder Ditton again, Kevin performed the baptism correctly, My companions and I sang Grande eres Tu!, and Violeta bore an amazing testimony. It was so worth the work. I have had a true change of heart this week and I am excited to have more experiences just like yesterday. I will never forget it. Everyone stay safe and healthy. I know that Christ lives and loves us all.

Os amo tanto!
Elder Marrott

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