Monday, June 18, 2012

Golden Investigators, All in One Apartment!

Hey Everyone,
      One thing that I've clearly noticed here on the mission is that days are like weeks and weeks are like days. It's really hard to watch time go by as my mission progresses. Anyway this week was filled with surprises
     This past Monday, Violeta (our recent convert) and her husband Sergio took us out to In n' Out for dinner. The whole time while we were there I felt like I should be in the back kitchen cutting potatoes. The burger was great, but I can say from the bottom of my heart (more like stomach) that Five Guys is truly the best burger joint, and I cannot deny it. I'm going to trying to convert Violeta and her family the truth as they have been blinded by the fancy logo and the Californian touch of In 'n Out. Also the fries were disappointing.
     ANYWAY (with things pertaining to missionary work). We've finally made some real progress with our group of investigators Enrique, Freddy and Oscar. They all live the same apartment complex, but it really is like a dormitory hall. We found them through a referral from the ward mission leader in another ward outside our stake. His name is Bishop Madrid, also known as one of the 3 Nephites because his amazing missionary capacity. He's the owner of the old run-down apartment that our investigators live in. One of the new residents, Maritza, a less active member, talked with Bishop Madrid and said that she wanted to introduce her boyfriend Freddy, Enrique, and Oscar to the missionaries.    Bishop Madrid gave us a key to get into the building under the conditions that we at least baptize everyone who lives there.....yep....And the great thing is that all 3 of them have the desire to be baptized and 2 of them understands what it means. The other, Oscar, is usually drunk most of the time, and we are praying that he can stop so he can remember and apply what we teach him. With Freddy and Enrique, they have really opened up and truly shown to us their desire to repent as we have taught them the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity. They shared with us some of their past experiences and expressed their desire to be rid of their guilt with using drugs and other things. On Saturday, we were able to get the permission from both of them to toss out all the substances and items that would tempt them to fall back into their old habits. We also gave them both blessings so that they could have faith to overcome their addictions. We are hoping Freddy will be committed to living the law of Chastity and find a way to get married soon so that he can get baptized. But wow, It crazy how much they love us. They are GOLDEN investigators, and I have loved seeing the changes they are making to come closer to Christ. Enrique, Freddy and Maritza all came to sacrament meeting for the first time. The members were great with befriending them. Miraculously, one of the recent converts Javier is good friends with Enrique as they both work in the restaurant business. Small World! It’s been great how everything has been working out for them. They have truly desired to prepare themselves to stand before God with pure hands and clean hands, and have the image of God engraven on their countenances. (Alma 5:19) I hope you all can find the joys that come from understanding and living by the plan that God has given us, it will bring the most peace and happiness that can be offered in the life and in the one to come

Os amo tanto!
Elder Marrott

Kurt I hope that you are able to get accepted in the animation program. I'll pray for you.
I got the Bible thank you.
Thanks for the Birthday wishes, it will be a great one!
 I'd love to get a copy of the Stake missionary newsletter

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