Wednesday, March 14, 2012

1st Week in the MTC

This is Elder Marrott's 1st Week Update in MTC:

Hey Everyone!

      It's been a blast here at the MTC and I've loved every moment. It's weird being back in Provo again and hearing the bell tower ringing. I makes me feel that I should be going to my geology class. But the classes here are way more fun and rewarding. The first couple days were really slow, and I didn't realize that I would be here for 9 weeks. But the last couple days have flown by. All the missionaries in my zone are super awesome because all have a desire to have fun, but also learn as much as possible. Our zone leaders are Elder "General" Mills and Elder Powell, they are great examples to us, but at the same time they know to relate to all of us. There's a thing we say that whenever someone says a really blunt fact or says that something is awesome, we all scream, "I KNOW, RIGHT!" I love them all. My companion Elder Carter is a very diligent and relaxed person, and I've learned a lot from him. He has a strong connection with his family and he loves to talk about his 4 year old sister. The two other Elders in my District are Elder Taylor and Elder Barclay. I joke around a lot with Elder Taylor and we're constantly thinking of messing with each others heads. Elder Barclay is the most genuine person I've ever met in my life. He's always wanting to find ways to share his nutrition and physical therapy knowledge with everyone. Overall I feel very at home here. The hardest part about the MTC is remembering Spanish. It's not necessarily hard, but it's frustrating when you remember about learning certain words and grammar, but not all the specific details. I will say it's a lot nicer than learning it with no background knowledge! I'm looking forward to speaking it fluently.....eventually.  Anyway I want to say to all of you that we all can learn to become more like Christ as long as we learn to "turn out" to people when most people would "turn in." Always seek to follow Christ in every way, and I know we can live happily.

     Te amo tanto!
     Elder Marrott

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