Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Elder Marrott's Cool Experience at the MTC


In sake of time, I won't have much to say. Mainly because it's felt like an ordinary week in the MTC. I love my teachers, my trio companionship is functioning very well together, especially in lessons. The Spanish is coming along a lot better. I'm learning prepositions this week and I know this will greatly help me speak and know Spanish a lot better. It will come with practice. Another district is leaving our zone next week, which included my former roommates, Elder Hatch and Elder LaMunyon. Since I moved into the room with my companions, I've still had nightly prayers with both of them. I going to miss them a lot, as we've had a special connection with knowing Elder Carter. Well, I'll end with this. Two of probably the most famous Mormon singers in this modern age has come to the MTC. Alex Boye from MoTab came and sang and gave a fireside mainly about his conversion story. He's very energetic and funny. I have to tell you some things in my letter of what he said. Also....(Aubrie will flip out).....apparently David Archuleta is here getting ready to go to Chile. He just came in yesterday, but I haven't seen him yet. But the choir director on Sunday said we were having a really special number we're performing on next Tuesday, so It's likely he's here. Anyway I hope everyone is doing well.
Te amo tanto!

Elder Marrott

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