Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Elder Marrott's Report on March 8th

Dear Family and Friends,
So far this first week in March has been teasing me with warm weather all ready. On Monday it reached 75 degrees.
I'm super excited to go to LA!  I'm not going to miss this place, but only the people I've met here. I'd like to share some of the relationships I've built. First off, Elder Carter was one of the greatest guys I've met i my life.  He's kind of got the personality of Everen as he's very stubborn, but he's got a big heart. It was easy to relate to each other & have respect for one another.  He has a strong passion for cars, (mainly Fords) basketball, and the atonement. He has a strong testimony. I know it is because of the trials he's endured with his sinuses. I don't think I've met someone outside our family that was so close to his family.  He was always telling me about his 4 year old sister and how cute & smart she is.  When his family came and picked him up, his sister was in the back seat. Never has my heart been so touched with love than that at that moment.  I got an email from him today saying that it will be likely that he'll have another surgery. Keep praying for him as he continues to struggle with his pain.  I look forward to seeing him soon.
Elder Taylor is a funny guy. Right now we've been nagging on each other ever since I became his companion.  Both of us are really sarcastic, so it's like we speak the same language!  In high school he sang choir and played soccer.  He was the one who influenced me to sing in the MTC choir.. But like I said, we tease each other a lot. As of late, I've been on his back since we raced each other at gym. He beat me and He said that he ran a rally fast time for the 400m. Then he said that he's lost most of his speed because he's gained more weight. Ever since then, I've been nagging on him with fat jokes. He's got some good short jokes that he throws back at me, but he's more sensitive about his weight than I am with me height.  Other than that Elder Taylor is an awesome missionary with ability to plan and make lessons. I've learned a thing or two from him.
Elder Barckey, my other companion, is one of the most genome people I know.  It's crazy cuz he has the exact same mannerisms as Phil, but he's got the personality of Brother Rahm. He's just a nice guy. If we all had the same approach to repentance & charity as he has this world would be a lot better place. Basically I've loved everyone here, las hermanas, other districts. It's weird to think that they are all going different places. I' going to miss them all.
Any way, the biggest event that happened this past week was that I was called to be district leader.  Also that Alex Boye came to sing and speak for the Sunday Devotional. Brother Boye was pretty awesome as he sang an amazing rendition of "Our Savior's Love" , one of my favorite hymns. Also is conversion story was super inspiring. His exuberance for missionary work is phenomenal.He told us that we should not deny the powers of heaven that God has promised to his missionaries.  He also emphasized that if we totally put our mind to something action will follow. "Thrive, not survive"! Anyway, I'm enjoying my time here and I hope to hear from EVERYONE! ESPECIALLY Amy! Thanks for the package, Leo! That was so thoughtful of him. If one of you could chase him around the house for me I would appreciate it. I miss you all!
ios amo tanto!
Elder Marrott
P.S. I would love for one of you to send me a photo album of our family and friends. I'd appreciate it. I'll do my best to send you some photos home too.

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