Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tips from Elder Marrott

Hey Family,
I was glad to get your emails and letters this week and I hope goes well for everyone. If there was any week I'd like to be home for it sounds like it would be this week. I glad that Mom and Dad are able to be a part of the caucus, and I hope you have a fun time there! And ever since I've been here I've gained a stronger afinity for Elder Bednar and  his teachings. I really wish you were able to listen to one of the talks he gave here on Christmas. If he starts to speak about the character of Christ, be prepared to get you're mind blown! One of the greatest quotes I've heard him say is, "Success isn't a gift......We must do everything (in regards to following the gospel, missionary work, etc...), and expect nothing in return." That is the most Christlike incentive, I've heard in my life. I hope you all prepare yourself to have the spirit guide you while he's speaking. Don't try to write down everything he says, but based on the feelings you have, and the Spirit guiding, you will remember all you need from him. I heard that there's a single adult meeting he's holding too. I hope that Aubrie and Phil are able to go to that. Concerning Aubrie, first off, I apoligize but I guess the people who told me about David Archuleta were misinformed, so I guess he's not here yet......oh well. Anyway, I feel so bad that she had to go through that last week, and I can't even imagine. I wonderful that she's feeling better and I hope that it's all down hill from here. I'll keep Aubrie and Daniel in my prayers. I got an email from Elder Carter, and he says that he's going to have he's fourth sinus surgery on Friday, I believe. His doctor let him aware that the infection in his sinus could have caused severe damage to his vision, or possibly could have lead to major internal bleeding if he didn't get the attention he needed. So even though I miss him, I'm really glad that he's home right now! Keep him in your prayers too. This week was pretty cool because we had Elder Toomey, and elder in one of the previous districts that left 2 weeks ago, come back from Washington because they got his visa ready to send him off to Mexico. He was here for the weekend, I was awesome to hear all the experiences he had in the field there. It was funny because the night before he came back, My companions and I were talking about how weird it would be if he came back.......(epic foreshadowing). He left this morning, and I hope he does well. I've had some spiritual moments while teaching to my proxy investigators this week, and its all because of the devotional that Brother Heaton, an administrative president at the MTC, gave on Sunday. He talked about setting goals and how we interpret the meaning of success in missionary work and the scriptures. My favorite words used in the scriptures now are PERPHAPS, HOPE, MIGHT, MAY, MAYBE. Because everything that God and Christ did and does for us is for a perphaps. In the BOM, it gives so many referances to how the prophets did things for concerning God's children a perphaps. Just look at Mosiah 28:2 or Nephi 19:18 or Jacob 5. Sometimes with missionary work, we can't go into a lesson with the "We're gonna win" attitude and know that we are going to get a baptism or in our terms "success" because the agency of others is not in our control, but all we can do is pray and hope that they have made a connection with God, so they come closer to Christ through baptism. I'd love to share more, but I'm running out of time. I love you all and I hope that your we goes well.
Te amo tanto!
Elder Marrott
P.S - Thank Sister Steele for sending me updates from Erik! THEY WERE SUPER AWESOME! If she hasn't sent them to you, I'd ask her to foward them over to you. It's hiliarous, inspiring, and it's just Erik! I will be writing Sister Steele a letter too. Keep sending the updates on the primaries and the Cardinals! I also can wait for the photos, Mom. I hope I can send some back to you soon. And Amy,.....I hope to hear from you!!!! Thanks for giving Leo the Scott treatment for me! Also what's the name of your bird?
Also to answer dad's question There's my trio companionship and 4 hermanas in my district. I know it's weird but we are blessed to have so many sisters, It sure keeps us three in line most of the time in class.

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