Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Big Transfer, Zone Divisions and Great Music

Hey Everybody
Well, we had transfers again this week. With the changes of the Spanish stake, the whole mission got rearranged BIG TIME!
Elder Walker and I are still here, but the zone has totally changed. There is only 3 companionships that cover our ward instead of 4 and there's only 2 districts in our zone; My Spanish district and the district with the 2 Korean speaking elders and the English Elders that cover Hollywood. But that's not the craziest thing. Apparently, there has been a boundary conflict that the mission and the LA stake have had between My ward LA Barrio 4 and and LA Barrio 3. The major portion of the area where most of our work had been inside LA Barrio 3 limits, but missionaries of 4th ward had covered it for a long time. Now a large portion of our area has been officially given to other Elders in Barrio 3 which includes 2 of the baptismal dates Paula and Flor and most of the members that we work with. Yeah...so It looks like Elder Walker and I are starting at square one again to find more people to teach. Luis is still our light of hope at this point as he seems to be progressing towards his baptism. He got sick however after playing soccer with us and the ward last Monday. He still came to church, and has a strong testimony. There was a couple fun things that I did last P-day. There's a place in Hollywood called Amoeba Music where it has the largest inventory of CD, Vinyls, and Movies in the United States. I found a soundtrack CD from the Movie called The Soloist which takes place here Los Angeles. I saw it in orchestra class in high school. The music is played by the LA Philharmonic Orchestra that plays in the Walt Disney Concert Hall that is in my area. I thought of it as a good souvenir, and its approved music. BONUS! Well considering the changes, its seems like Elder Walker and I will survive this transfer, and We're looking forward to baptize Luis! Los Angeles is pretty hot still as it hit 104 degrees when we were playing soccer. Take Care!
Os amo tanto!

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