Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Promising Results from Investigators and Gangstas!

Hey Everyone!

It’s only been a couple days, but several interesting things happened this week. Out of the 3 investigators we have with a baptismal date only Luis came to church. It’s a little frustrating, but Luis is on his way towards baptism and he's not looking back. There are several more things that we need to address, but he's totally gung ho about baptism. We had a lesson at the church again where we had a "Plan of Salvation Tour". Elder Walker and I along with Hermano Laguna (recent convert as of 3 years) went from room to room and taught a principle from the Plan of Salvation. Luis had some former ideas that Resurrection basically meant Reincarnation, so we cleared that out! By the end, Luis opened up and told us that his mind and perspective on life has never been clearer than before, and he's going to do his best to make the church priority in his life. At church, because the Spanish stake dissolved, the LA stake president, President Bragg, address the ward. He served his mission in Monterey Mexico so his Spanish was really good. Luis really enjoyed his message as he talked a lot about the plan of salvation that we covered the day before. We've been in really close contact with him as we played soccer with the ward again this morning and Luis came as well. It's all working out well with him. Concerning the other two baptismal dates, Flor actually went to the visitors’ center with Hermana Bernardino and the sisters taught them a lesson there. She liked it, but she's not really convinced about how the gospel and the church is relevant to her life right. She wants to take it slow and learn at the pace she wants. She's got friendship in the church and she's going to try to read more from the Book of Mormon. We'll see how it goes. And with Paula, AHHH she promised that she was coming to church FOR SURE. But she didn't. It's hard to get in contact with her as she never answers the phone, but she has such a great testimony in the gospel. Our goal is that she can at least come to conference because we know that once she hears the voices of the prophets, it’s going to put her priorities straight.
It was cool to hear about the space shuttle being transport here to Los Angeles by a jet airplane. An investigator told us about how it was going to fly around LA for everyone to see and land at Exposition Park where they have the science center where is going to stay. Unfortunately, we had district meeting at 11:30 and it pasted by us at 11:45, so we missed it. It’s okay, because Elder Walker and I drove past a crime scene on Sunday Afternoon where there was a helicopter, 8 cop cars, and 7 cuffed up gangstas being arrested. All of them were tattooed up from head to toe. That's LA for ya. That's about it!

Os amo tanto!

Elder Marrott

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