Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hiking Up to the Hollywood sign and Sis. Monzon

Hey Everyone

      I just got back from hiking up to the Hollywood sign with my zone. We live about 20 minutes away from the Hollywood Hills, and we see the sign everywhere we go. It's one of the most unique views I've seen in my life. It’s not very often that you can be on a mountain overlooking one of the biggest cities in the world. I make sure to send some photos home for you all to see. It's been a very successful week in a way as Elder Walker and I were able to accumulate 4 baptismal dates. Luis is still on track for his baptism even though he didn't come to Stake Conference this week. Recently he's been playing for a local soccer teams and playoffs are starting soon, which are on Sunday nights. We hope this doesn't interfere with his baptism, but we hope he will make the best decision. We've also been working with a lady lately named Ana Monzon, yeah she has the same name as the prophet only with a Spanish zing to it! She's from El Salvador, and she's quite the optimist. In the past she's had 2 of her 3 children pass away, both who died in their preteen ages from different diseases, but she is very humble and she knows that God loves her and her family. We've wanted to show her the conference talk one of the seventy gave at General Conference about his experience about losing his child. She'd love to hear that God has a plan for them. She loves us coming over reading the Book of Mormon with us and we were able to explain the blessings of baptism by reading 3 Nephi 27 and she really wants to prepare to be baptized as she knows that it will bless her life. We also found a man last week too named Raul from El Salvador who used to live next to members who housed missionaries in El Salvador. He never took the opportunity to talk with him before until we came by. He's local jeweler and a great family man that cares for his family. We read with him the promise of the Book of Mormon, and he can already sense that it is true and he's determined to read and feel the divinity and veracity of it. It's been a great week! Missionary work is all about determination. Elder Paul H Dunn said “there is no disgrace in falling; it is laying there that defeats us. The life of every great person is full of discouragement - falling, failing. Getting up is what makes the winner.

Os amo tanto

Elder Marrott

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