Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Of Mice and Missionaries

Hey Everybody

          I hope you all had a great Halloween! It was different for me. The Hollywood Ward (English) and my ward did a combine Trunk or Treat party at the ward building on the day before Halloween. It was fun. The bishop in the Hollywood ward and wife dressed up as Barbie and Kent and had their two little kids as Woody and Jessie from Toy Story it was the best ones that I saw there, but It was quite crazy on Halloween, President wanted us in by 5:00 pm to keep us safe from the messed up people here in Los Angeles, so my zone ended up playing basketball at the church. Super fun. So we planned to have Luis's baptism this Sunday, however when we interviewed him on Thursday, he told us that his family wasn't going to be able to attend yesterday, so we postponed it for this next Sunday, other than that he's pretty much ready for baptism. We wish we could have worked more with his family, but his parents are quite the busy people. But we hope that Luis's baptism will spark a fire in his family to listen to us. Luis asked me as well if I could baptize him, so I'm super humbled to do the ordinance for him. It will be my first time so I'm pretty excited! Also this past Saturday, Elder Walker and I had the special opportunity to go to Presidents brand new house to eat dinner with him and his wife. Every transfer President prepares a dinner for the missionaries who had the cleanest apartment, and surprisingly we won. It truly is a surprise because we received notice that we won last Monday, but a day later we ended up finding 3 mice in our appointment. It was quite hilarious as we ended up trapping 2 of them down and killing them. The first one ran and hid in the closet, and we planned to scare him down a corridor that we made to make him run into a corner, so Elder Walker could drop a 25 lb. weight on him. However I ended up stepping on his leg as scared him up, Easy Kill! The second was reacting wildly as Elder Walker ended up chasing him down with a frying pan. He first tried to hit him with it, missed but shook him up, then with his soccer instincts, he stomped him super hard. Let's just say it was quite the mess! Anyway, yeah, we won the cleanest apartment award! Don't worry we told president about it. But it was nice to sit down and talk with him and a have more personal interaction with him and his wife. There were other missionaries there and they asked him about how the influx of missionaries will affect the mission. He said that we should expect that several areas in the mission should be being split in half in about year. Craziness! Even though LA is one of the smallest missions in the world, the organization is out of this world complex. My president has a really hard time keeping track of all the missionaries, the language they speak, it is quite a demanding job. I believe he's inspired of God and I wish him luck this transfer with all the decisions he will have to make as 22 new missionaries are coming in this week, the probability of me leaving Silver Lake/ Hollywood this Wednesday is very high. Wish me lucky. I appreciate all your prayers and thoughts. Remember God loves you!

Os amo tanto

Elder Marrott  

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