Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Some Real Progress with Luis

Hey Everyone,

        This week was difficult but ended up being very rewarding. This week we had Zone Conference, where President Baker focused a lot on how we can be better at "flooding LA with the Book of Mormon this last part of the year, and he challenged us to finish reading it by the end of the year. I've taken a lot of time to really understand and breakdown the BOM and I am really starting to see how inspired it is and how no evil man could write it and a good man wouldn't have written it unless it was through the power of God. Anyway, I bet you all were all excited to hear about Luis's baptism. Well....This Wednesday we visited the visitors’ center and he surprised us by saying that he wants to wait until the end of the year to be baptized so he can start the New Year off fresh, like a new year’s resolution. We would have been more bummed up, but we really enjoyed the visit at the VC main because Luis truly understands the gospel of Jesus Christ and has intentions to follow him. He came to church on Sunday, but I didn't go because there was another elder that had a baptism to go to and I joined him. While Luis was at church, a member talked to him about receiving the blessings of the gospel sooner, so after church we were able to agree to have him baptize him on Nov 4 the Sunday before the end of the transfer. We are happy for him, especially because he has a desire to serve a mission as well.

Os amo tanto

Elder Marrott

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