Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Finding Lots of People to Teach!

Hey Everyone,

  Sorry I didn't write on Monday. Today we have Temple P-Day so I just came from an endowment session. I was very peaceful and I feel very comforted about a lot of things that happened in the past two transfers. Everything seems to be calming down a lot, BUT we have great news that we've set 3 baptismal dates this week. One is Flor who is older Colombian woman who lives in the house behind recent converts in our area Dora and her daughter Janet. They are very good friends with her and she loves the missionaries and the church. Because they are so close, her transition into the church will go really well. We have a dinner set up with her tonight; she makes some awesome Colombian food. The rice is really good because it's really salty, how I like it. The second is Luis, a 21 year old who we've been in contact for along time but he's been busy with work and school and we haven't seen him very often. But now he's opened up his schedule, his coming to play soccer with on P days and he's wants to meet with us 3 times a week. We had a church tour with him this last Friday where we showed him around the classrooms, library, gym, and the chapel. He felt super peaceful and happy inside the chapel and he felt like it’s a special room that cut off from the rest of the world. The best part of the tour is that we were able to talk about all different topics of the gospel. We watched several Mormon Messages on his phone including the "Testimony of the Book of Mormon" with Elder Holland and the "What is Light" Segments with Elder Bednar. I absolutely loved them and I recommend everyone to watch them. He's come to the conclusion to himself that the Book of Mormon is true and Joseph Smith is a prophet, and he's getting ready to be baptized on the 14th of October. The last one is Paula! Yeah we found her again at home, and she had been praying this past month to come back. She's already in Alma in the Book of Mormon and she loved the Restoration movie that we left with her. We had a lesson where we went over the baptismal interview questions and she has a testimony of everything, EVERYTHING! She's committed herself to come to church so she can be baptized on the 21st of October. YEAH! So it’s been a great week with Missionary Work. On Sunday, We had Stake conference and Elder Johnson from the Seventy came again. In LA there is one Spanish stake, Huntington Park West that covers the whole southern portion of Los Angeles. It was actually the first Spanish stake ever organized. But Sunday they totally dissolved the Huntington Park West Stake, and integrated the wards into the English stakes. BIG CHANGE. The primary purpose of the change is to better prepare the youth of today to lead the Church tomorrow. The Spanish and English units in each stake will work together to establish common primary and youth classes taught in English. Adult classes will continue to be taught separately for each ward. It's exciting news, so now I'm serving in Los Angeles Stake. Cool Stuff. One more thing, Elder Walker and I ran into a hobo on the street we found at very beginning of the transfer. Her name is Tex and she's a Navajo Indian that was foster raised by members of the church. Super funny lady. Last time Elder Walker gave her an extra pocket knife that he had on him. She told us that she had stabbed 2 men who had tried to attack her. Los Angeles is CRAZY! Other than that, Life is great and I know the gospel is true. President Packer said that "The study of the doctrine of Christ will change the behavior of men a lot faster than the study of behavior will change behavior." So true!

Os amo tanto!

Elder Marrott

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