Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bike Accident! (But Got To Do Some Singing)

Hey Everyone!

            It’s been another eventual week full of successes and.....some funny moments. Ahh, well yesterday was a tiring day and Elder Marin and I went to stop by a 7 Eleven to get a quick snack because we were starving. On our way there, I turned a corner on my bike and there was a bus stop area followed by a fire hydrant. I was going a little fast and I was a little tired. I was able to avoid the bus stop, but I hit the fire hydrant dead on and I flew and had at least 2 seconds of air time before I fell. I ended up okay. My knee is just a little banged up a bit but I should be getting better soon. The bike is fine too. Only my self-esteem got majorly damage, but hey it happens. We had a great Easter Weekend with great lessons and a great Sunday service. We had our first lesson with Paola and Omar a young couple on Saturday Afternoon and Victor Garcia our ward mission leader came over with us. Paola is originally from Mexico and Omar is from Washington State. They got married about 4 years ago and they have gone through a lot together, and they were super ready to accept the gospel. They opened up a lot with us telling us about their wedding how they lost 100 lbs. of weight together, several things. We taught them the Restoration and they accepted it really well. They felt the Spirit really strong and Omar is really wanting to make a change. They wanted me to sing to them because we told them for the Easter that I would be giving a musical number. I sang Grand Eres Tu or How Great Thou Art. It was a touching experience. Unfortunately they got sick and weren't able to make to church. BUT...we had Noami and church again and she brought a friend Maria with her son and granddaughter. The whole ward was able to befriend them, even Aaron a 6 year old boy in our area, invited the little granddaughter to primary. So cute!
They loved all the classes especially the sacrament services that us missionaries were in charge of. I was Elder Marin and I, 2 other Elders, Elder Pollard and Elder Roberts and 2 sisters, Sister Bateman and Sister Foster (who is from Springfield Missouri, she is super cool). We all gave talks on the importance of Easter and our testimonies and we had two musical numbers, one all of us sang Senor yo te seguire and then Elder Roberts and I did a A Capella duet of Tan Solo con Pensar en Ti (Jesus the Very Thought of Thee) It went great and several people congratulated us! Maria, the friend that Noami, brought told us how much she admires the missionaries. Apparently the parents of her granddaughter aren't around anymore as the father left them we she was born and the mother committed suicide a while back. Just before she died she was meeting with the missionaries and she enjoyed listening to them. At the funeral, except her mother and the missionaries were there at the funeral. This was the first conversation I had with her and it just blew me away. I'm glad the Lord has prepared a way so that people can more easily accept the gospel through simple acts of kindness. We will be meeting with them on Friday and hope that we can commit the family to baptism. It’s so great!
"There are only two kinds of people in this world: those who you love and those you don't know yet"

Os amo tanto

Elder Marrott   

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