Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Successful Week!

Hey Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        I"M SOOOOOOOOOO HAAPPYY!!!!!! This week was so great because so many good things are happening in my area and on my mission. I've never been happier in my life. But I guess I have to share the sad news first. My Ward Mission Leader Bishop Madrid has been struggling with health problems as of late and during sacrament meeting, he felt uneasy and had to go to the hospital. He's been such a fireball for missionary work since I've been in this area and he's such a great mentor to me. I would ask everyone who reads this to pray for him. He's the greatest spiritual giant you will ever meet. On Saturday, I when on exchanges with him, just he and I to a less actives home. He had no obligation to visit him but he just wanted to, it shows what a great man he is. It so happened that this man was baptized a couple years back by an elder from St Louis Elder Clark (don't know him) and also happens to be a crazy St Louis Cardinals fan. We got off really well. Hopefully we can get him activated again. He's suffered effects from a car wreck a couple months ago. Anyway there were several things this week that made it one of the best. 1) We had a lesson with Frank and Alicia again and had their member friends from Long Beach over to help us teach the Carmonas. Hna Carmona is super nice to the missionary as she feeds 12 missionaries every Saturday in the ward she attends. She told us of how grateful she is for the gospel. Frank and Alicia have great respect for this lady, so it was easy to share the message with them. It was funny we were talking about music and how we as missionaries don't listen to the radio. Hna Carmona mentioned that us members of the church try to listen to clean music, but told us that she a big fan of Pitbull. :) We also got a referral from a member visiting from Mexico and has brought her nephew and his wife to church. The nephew Eduardo is a less active of 8 years and he's wanted to return so he can raise his young family in the gospel. We watched Together Forever at his apartment with all his family and they knew that it was true. We are excited for all of his family and their decision to come back. Also we had a mini missionary come with us for this weekend a 17 year young man named Jhorrdy from Huntington Park, and he recently got baptized in October. We had fun teaching him about missionary life and having him help us teach some of our investigators. He has a strong testimony and he helped us out a lot. When we went to drop him back off in Downey, the missionaries that were serving in one of my prior areas Silverlake up in Hollywood came up and told me that one of the investigators that I found there in October Ana Monzon is going to be baptized this next Sunday and she wanted me to give a talk at here baptismal service. I was so excited as it will be my first investigator that will be baptized that my companion Elder Walker and I found. I'm ecstatic! Things are so good!

Quote of the week!

Many blessing come soon, some come much later in life, and others don't even come in this life, perhaps they come in the next, but for those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, they come.
           Jeffery R Holland

Os amo tanto!

Elder Marrott

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