Sunday, May 19, 2013

Trio Becomes a Duo Again and Alicia's Baptism

Hey Everyone,
       Well how I start every week....It’s been crazy! I'm no longer in a trio anymore as Elder Marin got Emergency Transferred on Thursday to train a new missionary in another area. It was a sad day as Elder Marin and I worked super well together and now I'm left with my new trainee all by myself. It was a lot easier as a trio but life moves on. This Sunday was by far one of my favorite days on my mission as Maria and her son Joe and granddaughter came along with Noami to church and they really enjoyed all the classes. In gospel principles they taught about the family of the covenant of God. The class really helped them understand how once they accepted baptism that they would be accepted into the house of Israel and become the children of Christ. It finally clicked with them and they are wanting to continue progressing towards baptism. Maria calls us her angelitos and ninos, so she is in love with us. I great to see their conversion process in motion. But that's not all......I also got to go back to my last area to see Alica's baptism!!! She was one of my former investigators who always came to church, but it took her 6 months to finally make the decision. It was a beautiful service as my last companion Elder Low baptized, and another Elder and I did the missionary moment. It was the best baptism I've seen in a while! I got to see several members in my last ward that I fell in love with. I have great memories of Harbor 3rd ward! The work keeps moving forward here in LA! Many changes are happening soon with more missionaries and a new mission president this coming July. Life is going well! Until next week!

"The kingdom of God is not a democracy. Wickedness and Righteousness are not legislated by majority vote. Right and Wrong are not determined by polls or pundits, though many would have us believe otherwise. Evil never was happiness. Happiness lies in the power and sweet simplicity of virtue" Gordon B Hinckley

Os amo tanto!

Elder Marrott

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