Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sis. Monzon and a Really Nice Mansion

Hey Everyone!
      It's been another fantastic week again, and I'm even happier than last week!!!! Yay!!!!! Yesterday was the best overall because I got to return to Hollywood to participate in the baptisms of an investigator that I found and taught 4 months ago, Ana Monzon. I saw former missionary friends and members and it was awesome to be there with everyone from before. I gave a talk on the importance of baptism at the service and I focused on taking upon the name of Christ, part of the baptismal covenant that she made. Later both Ana and Elder Walker, my companion at the time when we found her, gave fantastic testimonies of story of how we found her and how she herself came to know that the church was true. Ana was so confident and proud of the decision that she made at baptism and she is going to be a great blessing to the LA 4th ward for years to come. I couldn't be happier for her! Afterward we traveled to the temple where the visitor’s center was going to have a missionary fireside and we were hoping that some of our investigators were going to be there, but no came unfortunately. Its a long drive up to Hollywood and then to Santa Monica to the temple from our area in Torrance, so we were a little disappointed about that but it was fun catching up with some old missionary companions and friends there that can up to visit. Because we had no investigators there we couldn't stay for the fireside, but as we were leaving I saw a girl walking inside that looked super familiar. Somehow Elder Low and I stalled outside the VC for some reason and she came up and greeted me. She recognized me too. Apparently she was in my singles ward with me at BYU and is good friends with my roommates and other friends at school. I remembered her, Nicol, as she came over to our apartment a couple times to hang out. She gave me updates from every one of my roommates and other friends and how they are doing on their missions. Super awesome! It took me back, and It helped me see how far I've come and changed since I was at school. Craziness! Anyway, the funniest part of last week was that on Monday, the zone went to President Chen's mansion. He is the branch president of the Chinese branch in Palos Verdes and he's a multi-billionaire. It's the biggest house that I've ever been inside. He was a basement with ping pong, pool, weight room, and.... a BOWLING ALLEY! It was like as if I was at the White House. It was so much fun! We missionaries get so pampered sometimes! Relating to Missionary work in my area, we have so much work and so many people we are teaching that its almost overwhelming to keep tract of all of them. The best lesson we had this week was with Eduardo who is just coming back to church (super humble guy) and he's wife Allison who is a not a member and we taught them the Plan of Salvation. It just seemed to click so easy with them that she knows that it’s the plan that God has for us. She's a little hesitant about being baptized but with more spiritual experiences she will commit to it. Eduardo is so awesome and will be a great example to Allison and their little kids. One 1 year old and one on the way. An update on Bishop Madrid and his health, he's basically superman, as he survived 3 mini strokes and is perfectly fine. He's now in Utah visiting family. Crazy awesome. God has him still for a reason.

Quote of the week
Rationalizing is bringing one's ideals to the level of one's conduct
Repentance is the bringing of one's conduct to the level of one's ideals

We should always strive to repent and do what’s right and not try to justify are wrong actions no matter what!

Os amo tanto

Elder Marrott

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