Sunday, May 19, 2013

More News from North Lomita

Hey Everyone,

       Another super busy week in North Lomita. I swear that right now that people our having to wait in line because we have so many people we are working with that it’s overwhelming to keep up with them all. I really hoping that they split our area this next transfer so we can help this area live up to its potential. The highlights from this week included several lessons with our investigators. We had a lesson with Alicia and her father again where we deeply covered the plan of salvation and how God has provided us answers to the life’s greatest questions. Where did I come from? Why am I here? And where am I going after this life? After we passed through it all, they both agreed that its God's plan. Unfortunately, Alicia’s father is an older man and he's promised to stick with the religion he has even though he completely agreed with everything we taught. It’s so easy to have a testimony in the restored gospel but super difficult for people to make the change necessary to live according to it. It's very frustrating but that's how it is sometimes. Afterward Alicia cooked up some amazing Mole con Pollo for Dinner. SO DIVINE! She's an awesome cook. Also this week we finally were able to have a lesson with Maria Garcia. She's been so busy with work she hasn't had time these past weeks. She already knows the church is true but we just have to be patient with her busy life. We ended up teaching the Plan of Salvation, the Word of Wisdom and the Sabbath Day in one class, and she understood perfectly. She’s golden but just busy. Another fun lesson we had was a Bible Class we were invited to on Thursday by family of 6 or so people. We taught the Restoration and testified that the church of Jesus Christ is back on the earth in its fullness and by reading the Book of Mormon they can know too. However one lady appreciated what we taught and what we do, she didn't feel inclined to read the Book of Mormon as she only reads the Bible. Unfortunately everyone followed the bandwagon with her. No problem because we are going by tomorrow to do a Family Home Evening to spark up some more interest with them. This Sunday also, we attended church and taught both Gospel Principles Class and Priesthood. I could have never done that before the mission. We had a good turnout of investigators and the classes went well. In the evening, the sisters in the Young Women asked my companion to play the piano for the New Beginnings meeting so we went. It was weird because I never went to a Young Women meeting before and I feel out of place. They talked about the importance of marriage, so I felt even more out of place. They had all the young women stand behind a wedding dress in front of a mirror to envision themselves in their Wedding dress. One of the counselors in the bishopric Hno Cardoso and I were making jokes about seeing the Bishop in the ward in a wedding dress. The Bishopric here is awesome. So that was last week, but on Monday we had service for the mission as we drove up to the mission home to help President Baker set up furniture for the new missionaries coming in this next transfer. There's 37 missionaries coming in on next Wednesday! Wow! I'm so excited to see what’s going to happen. Also on Saturday I'm going back to Hollywood for another baptism for a man that I tracted into and taught as well. So Good!!!!

Quote of the Week

While we must practice tolerance and respect for others and their beliefs including their right to explain and advocated their positions, we are not required to respect and tolerate wrong behavior
                               Dallin H Oaks

Isn't that the truth!

Os amos tanto!

Elder Marrott

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