Sunday, May 19, 2013

Working with Noami

Hey Everyone!

       After a lot of meetings this week in regards to my new companion and district leader responsibilities, we had a very productive week in regard to our investigators. On Friday I got to go on exchanges with Elder Baich, a friend that came in to LA with me from the MTC the same day, we had been waiting a whole year for it to happen. He's from Argentina, so it was great to teach with him as I have had to work with my new companion who is still working with the language. We had a lesson with Noami and talked about what would be in the way for her to be baptized. She mentioned that she wants her family to be a part of the church with her and doesn't want to be alone. We taught her the importance of following the example of Christ and how as she sets the example for her husband and her family they will want to follow her because of the changes she will be making. We taught her the Word of Wisdom as she has had trouble with smoking most of her life. She really wants to stop smoking and we mentioned to her that she is able to overcome her addiction, her family will notice the change she is making and want to know why. That intrigued her a lot. We gave her a priesthood blessing to give her strength to overcome her addiction, and it was a very spiritual moment for her as she wants to sincerely make a change. Unfortunately she got sick on Sunday and couldn't make it to church. But we were able to see Maria and Joe again on Saturday. They pamper us so much as Maria is convinced that we are angels and wants to do everything for us. She got us Yogurtland after the lesson. SO GOOD! They came to church on Sunday, but left early because Joe had a special conference to attend for school. But it was cool, but he told us that he knows that church, should be a priority before everything else. That's a 14 year old! Super cool. This coming week the ward is holding a Mother’s day dinner on Friday and most of our investigators are getting rides from members to go. Everyone is excited for it! There is so much good happening and I'm looking forward to this week!

Os amo tanto!

Elder Marrott

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